We help to reach
climate objectives!

This vision is the principal foundation on which we develop, build and operate clean and renewable energy production.

20 years of work has produced results

Norsk Vindenergi was founded in 1996, and since then we have worked continuously on project planning and development of wind power production in Norway and abroad. That has produced results! Just in Southwestern Norway, our projects will cover the electric power consumption of 100,000 households, when they are completed.

It started as an idea for reducing emissions and simultaneously securing the energy supply of the future. Today, 20 years later, we are still working towards this goal.

We are now ready for more
It has been important for us to be involved in the development of our wind power projects from A to Z. This has resulted in broad experience and solid skills with respect to all project development phases – both as owner and operator.

Currently, we are one of the country's largest private wind power players, and we are working towards improving our standing in both the national and the international wind power market.

We help to reach climate objectives!
Our Rogaland project portfolio represents 50% of the authorised development target for renewable energy in Rogaland by 2020. That is something we are proud of! Our goal is to help cut climate gas emissions also in the rest of the country – and internationally.

Processing of aluminum for panels for the electric car industry.

For the planet, it is essential for developing countries to cover their increasing energy needs in a sustainable manner, with the greatest possible use of renewable energy resources. We want to make a difference, and already have one project under development in Tanzania, in cooperation with local entrepreneurs.

However, our western neighbours should also be able to benefit from our wind power. In the future, our wind farms may deliver electric power to England via the world's longest electric power cable, between Kvildal in Rogaland and Blyth – and thus contribute to the phasing out of coal based electric power.

We are proud of the fact that our wind farms lead to lower emissions, and our work will continue with unabated strength.