wind power advantages

Wind power is important for attaining the climate objectives and taking care of our planet. This is not just something we claim – it is a fact backed up by thorough research. We have gathered some interesting and useful information for you here.

Rogaland is in the lead with respect to the green change 
A historic shift from fossil to renewable energy is taking place in Rogaland, the Energy County. This is where we are implementing what politicians and authorities promised in the agreement regarding the EU Renewable Energy Directive.

Due to lack of profitability, the owners decided to close the gas power plant at Kårstø. Simultaneously, in the same county, the same amount of energy production capacity is being built using wind power as its renewable source. Fantastic!

Out: Production of 3TWh fossil electric power from the gas power plant, and 1 million tons of CO2 emissions annually at full production.

In: Production of 3TWh electric power from wind power – with zero emissions!

The “we have sufficient power” myth
In Norway we are used to saying that we are self-sufficient in power, and that there is no need to develop further wind power parks. Thus, we are forgetting that we have to phase out the use of fossil power, if we are to reach the climate goals.

The below table shows the 2012 consumption of fossil energy (in TWh) by different industries. We clearly have a long way to go.

(Source: SSB)

The most important export markets for Norwegian power are England, Sweden and Germany. In all these countries, fossil energy sources are used to a greater extent than in Norway, and they have made it their aim to replace a big portion of their fossil energy consumption with renewable solutions. Thus, it will be possible for Norway to export more renewable wind and hydro power to these countries.

Cheapest way to produce electricity is with wind power
In 2017, Lazard, an analysis firm, found that it is becoming gradually cheaper to produce electric power from renewable sources. And, wind is at the very cheapest end of the scale. Read more and see figure here.

Report of the UN Environmental Program, UNEP
This report compares the footprint of the different technologies used to produce electric power in a life cycle perspective. You can download and read the whole report here.

The UN sustainability objectives
The UN sustainability objectives constitute the world's joint working plan for the eradication of poverty, combating inequality and stopping climate changes by 2030.

The wording of objective no. 7 is: Clean energy for all, with wind power playing an important part.

Read more about the UN sustainability objectives here.

Energi og Klima
Energi og Klima (Energy and Climate) is a webzine published by Norsk Klimastiftelse (the Norwegian Climate Foundation), whose objective is to be the most important source of debate, analysis and background information with respect to these subjects.

Here you will find news, discussions, blogs and much more. The magazine is a good website for those who wish to stay up-to-date.

You can find Energi og Klima  here.