Facebook with historic 15-year wind purchase agreement for the Bjerkreim cluster

Facebook has signed a wind power agreement for the purchase of all electric power for 15 years from the wind cluster developed by Norsk Vind and based in the Stavanger region. Norsk Vind is also the constructor and will operate the wind farm.

Facebook purchasing all wind power from the Bjerkreim cluster for the next 15 years.

Norsk Vind, is the project company behind the Bjerkreim cluster, where it has, together with Luxcara, a German renewable energy company and the project's investor, negotiated an energy deal that comprises Fakebook's purchase of 1 billion kWh /year for 15 years.

The Bjerkreim cluster is located near Stavanger.

Before long, the cluster will consist of 70 Siemens 4.2 Mw wind turbines and will, for a while, be Norway's biggest wind farm.

Facebook’s commitment to become 100% renewable in all its operations globally, as soon as possible, is the main driver behind this historic zero emission agreement.

The project developer and  energy company behind it, Norsk Vind,

is one of Norway's leading, independent wind energy companies.“When multinational modern companies like Facebook and Google enter long-term agreements for the purchase of wind power, it gives the world a powerful signal to the effect that an important step towards greener energy production and consumption is being implemented. This gives us grounds for hope that the climate objectives of the Paris Accord may be reached, by as many companies as possible committing to becoming based on 100% renewable energy.”

Important extended effects for the business community and host municipalities

As a direct consequence of the agreement with  Facebook, contractors and several  subcontractors are ensured important jobs for their employees, and the main host municipality; the municipality of Bjerkreim is being ensured long-term tax revenue as a result of the agreement.

The companies behind it;

Norsk Vind is one of Norway's biggest independent wind energy companies.

For this project, the company has entered into an investor agreement with Luxcara, a German renewable energy company. Furthermore, Luxcara has entered into an agreement with German pension funds that consider investing in wind power as sufficiently safe and sustainable to put their pension assets in.

The Bjerkreim cluster – technical data

Output; 294 MW
Number of turbines; 70 (Siemens 4.2 MW)
Estimated production volume; 1000 GWh (1 TWh) (1 billion kilowatt-hours /year)
Contractor: Stangeland maskin
Owner: Luxcara
Project developer: Norsk Vind
Development: Norsk Vind
Operations: Norsk Vind

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