First kilowatt hour delivered to the grid by the ‍‍‍Egersund Wind Power Plant!

We are in a period of achieving many milestones!

On 8/11/2017, the project delivered its first kilowatt hour to the grid. On Sunday 9/3/2017, the last component was transported from the pier to the construction area, and on Saturday 9/9/2017, the very last component was lifted into place on the last turbine. With that, all 33 turbines have been assembled‍‍‍ and the cranes may be disassembled and removed. The work going on now is primarily inside the turbines, and every week you will see more and more turbines rotating as they start their test periods. The number of workers will fall going forward, and there will therefore be less traffic to and from the area.

In addition to the work related to getting the turbines ready for commissioning, work is going on with the revegetation and reclaiming of the terrain along roads and staging areas. This is now in full progress in the southern area, and this activity will gradually move to the northern area.

At the end of September, cleaning up activities will be initiated at Hålandsdalen and work will continue on Heggdalsveien for some time into October. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may entail for those using these roads daily.

The summer has been more windy than expected, and that has meant that the assembly of the turbines has taken somewhat longer. This means that progress is a little behind schedule, but we both hope and believe that we will be operative in good time before Christmas.

Please remember that the area is still a construction site, and we ask everybody to respect the signage.

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June 23, 2020

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Norsk Vind AS, a Norwegian wind project developer, on behalf of Sino-Tan Renewable Energy Ltd is inviting qualified companies to submit a tender for providing legal services for the 100 MW Makambako Wind Power Project in Tanzania.

January 9, 2020

Unemployment has gone with the wind

Two years ago, Egersund had the highest unemployment rate in the country. The historical development of renewable energy around Egersund, the country’s wind power capital, has been a big contributor to turning this trend around.

January 9, 2020

Need for more employees in the wind

The Paris Agreement and ISBS, the UN climate panel, have demanded a faster pace in the transition to a low emission society. Norsk Vind AS wishes to be part of the solution and the change of pace towards zero emissions, and are seeking more competent employees.