Hordavind – a profitable climate initiative

Today, Norsk Vind AS submitted a report to NVE regarding the Hordavind wind power plant in Northern Hordland. The size of the project is 1,500 MW, and it is expected to have an annual power production of over 5 TWh. This corresponds to the energy consumption of over 300,000 households. Hordavind will be one of the biggest wind power plants in Europe.

Without subsidies

In recent years, wind power on land has experienced very positive cost development, and Hordavind will be built without subsidies. “We believe Hordavind will be profitable with a power price of less than NOK 0.30/kWh”, says Per Ove Skorpen, the General Manager.

Norwegian ownership

The wind power plants that have been built in Norway until now have to a great extent been foreign owned. One of the reasons for this is that Norwegian life insurance companies have not been permitted to invest in Norwegian wind power. The government has now changed this body of regulations. Mr. Skorpen finds this positive.

“This is a necessary and good change. We have already taken initiatives towards several Norwegian players to present the investment opportunities in Norwegian wind power in the years ahead. We hope to increase the Norwegian ownership of our projects.” This applies to both the ownership of the projects and the purchase of power.

Key figures for Hordavind

Project name: Hordavind Wind Power Plant
Size: 1500 MW
Expected energy production: 5.4 TWh/year
Municipalities: Modalen, Masfjorden, Lindås
County: Hordaland
Expected start of construction: 2023
Project manager: Espen Borgir Christophersen, espen@vind.no, telephone: 901 64 172

About Norsk Vind AS

Norsk Vind AS was founded in 1996. The company is Norway's biggest private developer of land based wind power. The projects are mainly located in Norway, but foreign activities are on the increase. The company plays an active role in both the development, construction and operational phase of the projects, and also has ownership interests in some of the wind power plants already built. Currently, Norsk Vind AS has 12 employees and maintains its main office in Stavanger.


Per Ove Skorpen
General Manager, Norsk Vind AS
Telephone: 951 60 005

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