Industry wants wind power

Union leaders and the Federation of Norwegian Industries, which represents manufacturers, made their message clear in two recent letters to editors, on behalf of their members: Norwegian industry and business need cheap renewable power – and wind power on land is an important part of the solution.

“Industry needs more power, and it has to be renewable and cheap. Both the improvement of hydro power plants and more land based wind power will be important.”

This was written by the Managing Director of the Federation of Norwegian Industries, Stein Lier Hansen, in an article headed “The myth of the power surplus”, published on the website Energi og klima (Energy and climate). The article was first published in the Klassekampen daily newspaper on 3 September.

About the reason why industry needs more electric power, Mr. Lier-Hansen writes the following:

“We have growth ambitions. We want higher level of activity at our plants, and more plants. This means more hands at work and more goods and services purchased from the local business communities. The extended effects of industry are massive. Besides, we wish to have zero emissions.”

Mr. Lier Hansen also points out that wind power plays a part inincreasing the competitiveness of industrial players.

“The power we need now has to be renewable. We have no desire to use fossil power at our plants. And, it has to be cheap. Access to competitively priced electric power is decisive for us, since we are competing in tough global markets with tight margins.”

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Three union leaders all in favour of wind power

In FriFagbevegelse, a web newspaper about working life and the union movement, Jan Olav Andersen, the leader of the Electrician and IT Workers Union, Frode Alfheim, the leader of the Industry and Energy Union and Jørn Eggum, the leader of The Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions, have written a collective letter to the editor.

The title of the letter is “Industry needs wind power”, and they write, inter alia:

“We have a positive attitude to wind power on land, as the opposite does not benefit neither industry nor climate. The development of wind power contributes to ensuring existing job, and preparing the ground for new ones. The Norwegian technology vendor industry ought to have ambitions of increasing their market shares in wind power, both on and offshore.”

They also emphasise the responsibility for solving the climate crisis:

“At a time when we have to solve the climate crisis, and when the need for renewable power is set to increase, those of us who say “no thanks” to all wind power, are neither on the side of industry, the climate or the renewable future we need to strive for. Having a licensing system that is robust will be decisive if we are to get the right balance between use and protection.”

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