New policies for more wind power

Marius Holm, the General Manager of ZERO, an environmental foundation, has encouraged the Petroleum and Energy Secretary to present a new plan, so wind power development does not stop after 2021. This was in an article on the Ytring website of NRK, the state broadcaster, on 25 October.

The article was published as a consequence of the government shelving the national framework on 17 October. Although the national framework for wind power failed as a process for a reduced level of conflict, Marius Holm thinks that the knowledge base and experiences now have to be used to craft better wind power policies. Mr. Holm also says he wishes that “local communities take part with respect to both the shaping and value creation” of this work. Mr. Holm emphasises that we would undermine the opportunity to solve the biodiversity crisis, the longer we postpone the solutions to the climate crisis.

The access to renewable energy is decisive

In his article, Marius Holm writes that we still consuming considerable amounts of fossil energy, which has to be phased out in Norway. “The need for more electricity through a combination of improved energy efficiency, the upgrading of water power, new water power, solar energy and a balanced development of wind power on and offshore”, he thinks, and we have to utilise the good wind resources we do have in Norway.

In order to move on after the shelving of the national framework, ZERO suggests the following measures:

1. The national framework as basis for further circling of areas suitable for wind power

2. Introduction of licensing rounds based on learnings from the petroleum activities

3. Introduction of shorter time limits for start of construction

4. All licences must be founded on an impact statement

5. Introduction of a natural resource tax and assessment of the adoption of an economic rent tax for wind

“Now that the climate policy is finally working, now that fossil energy is finally in the process of losing, we cannot try to resuscitate it by stopping wind power”, Mr. Holm concludes.

Read the article here.

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