Safeguarding the environment at Egersund wind farm

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy published a resolution in 2019 as part of the The Energy Act Regulations § 3-7, setting requirements for environmental internal control. This requirement also applies for wind farms, throughtout the lifespan of the facility. The internal control activities includes monitoring of vegetation surrounding the facility, also known as the site, to detect any deviations from the MTA-plan, plan forrevegetation or laws and regulations related to the environment.

As a part of the established internal control activities at Egesund vind farm, areas of poor revegetation was identified following therehabilitation and commercial operation of the site in 2016. Through several growth-seasons it has been identified that certain areas have low quality soil and poor growth,  in particular in the northern parts of the facility. In agreement with landowners, NVE, municipality and relevant authorities, it was decided to implement mitigating actions to improve the revegetation at site.

Throughout the fall of 2021, dialouge was established between relevant parties to outline principles and guidelines for the measure. In May of 2022 the works commenced, including local fertilizing, calsium, added soil and sowing seeds in areas with poor growth. The execution of the measures was completed in agreement with the land owners, ensuring sound progress and protection of grazing livestock.

CEO Per Ove Skorpen has been close to the project and this initiative and is happy with the progress through the summer;

"We are happy with the results from the process so far. The following results are dependant on moderate weather conditions, but as of now we are of to a good start with high hopes for the rest of the growth season We are excited to follow the continued progress throughout the following seasons and gain experience and lessons learned from this project."

Visualisation of progress from spesific areas on site from early until late in the growth season of 2022

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October 18, 2022

The wind industry should contribute more to local welfare

The governement have suggested increased taxes for the industry by implementation of a resource rent tax on wind power, an increased production fee and an extraordinary tax on the energy sold for a price that exceeds 70 øre per kWh.t, and a doubling of the production fee.