Start of turbine transport to the Egersund Wind Power Plant

The construction of the Egersund Wind Power Plant is now entering a new phase

From 4/3/2017, the first transports will start delivering turbine parts to the southern project area.

The transports will follow the same route through Egersund and southwards along county highway no. 44 Sokndalsveien, as the one used by the transports for the Tellenes wind power plant. A new exit ramp has been established at Hålandsdalen, where the transports will take off from Sokndalsveien and follow an upgraded road through Hålandsdalen before they drive county highway no. 56 Heggdalsveien, the last stretch towards the project area.

The installation work will commence on 24 April in the southern area and on 29 May in the northern. Now that we are mobilising for turbine installation, it means that the work related to the construction of roads and staging locations is entering a final phase.

The same company is responsible for the transports to both the Egersund and the Tellenes wind power plant. Thus, activities will be well coordinated between the projects.

There will be regular activity as of the night before Monday until the night before Friday during the period between 9 pm and 6 am. The transports are conducted at night to ensure that the traffic conditions on public roads are affected as little as possible.

On average, one turbine needs 10 transports to bring all the components.

With 33 turbines to install, there will be a great many trips between the pier and the project area. We apologise for any inconvenience caused!

The first components arrived on 24 March.

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