The municipality of Zürich buys the Måkaknuten wind power plant from Norsk Vind

ewz, the municipal energy company of Zürich, has a strategic goal of 100% renewable energy production in its portfolio. That is why ewz is purchasing the Måkaknuten wind farm in the municipalities of Gjesdal and Bjerkreim. Norsk Vind AS will build and operate the wind power plant.

The Måkaknuten wind farm is one of the projects in the so-called Bjerkreim cluster. The estimated annual production of the wind farm is approximately 350 kWh. This represents the consumption of approximately 17,000 households.

“The fact that ewz is purchasing the wind power plant, means that the project finally may be realised after a long development process. The construction will start immediately”, says Per Ove Skorpen, the General Manager of Norsk Vind AS.

In 2019, roads, staging areas and foundations will be built, and the 22 wind turbines will be ready to be put in operation at the end of the third quarter of 2020.

Jobs and tax revenue

The development will employ several hundred full-time employee equivalents and will, in addition, mean ongoing deliveries of goods and services from the business community in the region. During the operational phase, the expected requirement will be for around five full-time employees with local affiliations. The wind power plant will also provide both host municipalities with tax revenue during the entire operational phase.

ewz elected the most sustainable energy company in Switzerland

In accordance with the plan of the municipality of Zurich to reduce emissions, ewz has a strong bias towards renewable energy and was elected as the most sustainable energy company in Switzerland in 2018. The election was made by the Federal Swiss Energy Office, SFOE.

“By purchasing the Måkaknuten wind farm, ewz is able to take a big and important step towards its ambition of 100% renewable energy production in its portfolio. ewz has been active in Rogaland, a region with extraordinary wind resources, since 2010 and is looking forward to building further on the positive experiences, and to further developing the good relations with local and regional partners in the years ahead”, states Hans Gunnervall, Head of Transactions.

Emission cuts and climate objectives

The development of wind power is in line with the Paris Agreement and objective of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change regarding necessary emission cuts by 2030.

We are happy that the Måkaknuten wind power plant is also now being realised as an important contribution to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and as an answer to increasing demand for clean renewable energy all over Europe”, Per Ove Skorpen says.

For more information, please contact:

Per Ove Skorpen
General Manager
47 951 60 005

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