Faurefjellet Wind Farm

Numberof turbines: 12

Length of internal road: 8.35 km

Planned opening: Q3/Q4 2021

Installed effect: 60 MW (applied for 72 MW to NVE)

Annual average production: 213 GWh

Equivalent to the consumption of: 13 000 households

Ownership: Norsk Vind AS

Construction and project management: Norsk Vind AS

Operation manager: Norsk Vind AS

Detailed plan: The project’s detail plan can be found on NVEs homepage: Press here

Faurefjellet wind farm is located in Bjerkreim municipality and will be connected to Måkaknuten substation through a 10,6 kilometer long 132 kV power line.

The wind farm received the final license in 2017, and is planned to be built with 12 turbines, with a total installed effect of 72 MW. Faurefjellet wind farm is under planning and the projects detail plan is now under evaluation at NVE.

Faurefjellet wind farm will be a part of the contribution to Norway’s commitment related to EU’s renewable directive, and will be a part of the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The wind farm will also contribute to lower power prices and give increased competitiveness for industry in Norway.

If you are interested in more project details, we recommend that you download the detail plan from NVE’s homepage which is linked in the text above, or take contact with any of us in Norsk Vind.

Planned project layout for Faurefjellet wind farm


31. January 2020:

The turbine installation works are slowly but steadingly progressing and the half-way mark (35 installed turbines) was passed in the middle of January. 20 turbines at Eikeland-Steinsland are now completly installed, i.e. in total 38 completed turbines including Skinansfjellet wind farm.

The main cranes are expected to start installation at Gravdal wind farm in March and hopefully complete the last turbine in May.

Per Ove Skorpen