Honna Wind Farm

Number of wind turbines: approx. 60 - 80
400 MW
1350 GWh
Equivalent to the consumption of:
approx. 84,000 households
Norsk Vind AS
Project status:
Report sent to NVE

Good preconditions for a new wind farm in Southern Norway

The Honna wind power plant is located in the mountain area around the Honna transformer station in the municipalities of Åseral, Evje and Hornnes in the county of Agder. The area has very good conditions for the development of wind power, with an average median wind of approximately 7.5-8.5 m/s at a height of 120 m above ground.

Existing infrastructure

The proximity to existing infrastructure is just as important. The Honna transformer station became operational in 2018. The station currently has free capacity for input of new production of approximately 150 MW and space has been set aside for more transformers at the station. Statnett is clear on the fact that this region has good capacity in the core grid for the input of new production.
As part of the development of the Honna transformer station, an access road was built in the area. This road will be suitable for the transportation of wind turbines from County road 351 into the planned area.

Positive landowners

Norsk Vind has entered into agreements with  landowners representing over 97% of the area marked as the planning zone and which will be directly affected by the project. A landowner group has also been established with a committee that will work with us to safeguard the interests of the landowners through the planning and eventual construction of the project.

Conserves biodiversity

Publicly available information and existing databases of important types of nature and endangered species indicate that the wind power plant may be realised without major conflicts with respect to biodiversity.

The impact on outdoor activities is considered to be moderate, including the visual impact. In addition to the initial mapping of the biodiversity already carried out, an extensive impact study will be conducted to significantly increase the knowledge base of biodiversity in the area. This will be an important factor when considering whether a permit for wind power in this area should be granted or not.


Martin Westin

Prosject developer

Martin Westin

Prosject developer