Måkaknuten Wind Farm

Number of turbines: 22
Opens: 2020
Output: 94,6 MW
Production: Approx. 330 GWh
Corresponding to the consumption of: 17,000 households

Ownership: ewz Måkaknuten Vind AS
Construction and project management: Norsk Vind AS
Operation when built: Norsk Vind AS

Måkaknuten wind farm is located in both Bjerkreim and Gjesdal Municipality.

Following financial closure of Makaknuten Wind Farm project in the beginning of March 2019, civil works started shortly after by constructing site roads in both eastern and western side of the project. At the same time, engineering works were commenced to provide in time, all necessary technical designs, studies and detail planning of works.

The site activity is planned and coordinated with respect to the landowners in the area and their farming activity.

Makaknuten Wind Farm has also constructed an overhead line connected to Bjerkreim regional substation.

Please see some pictures and overall project status below.



Completed works:

  • All site roads and hardstands completed.
  • All WTG foundations completed
  • MV cable grid completed
  • Substation completed and energized
  • Overhead line from Makaknuten substation to Bjerkreim substation is completed and energized.

Ongoing works:

  • Transportation of the WTG components from Egersund harbour to site is ongoing. Approximately 40% of all transports are completed.
  • Pre-installation of the WTG has started (first tower sections). 3 of 22 turbines have been pre-installed.
  • Main installation is scheduled to start 18th of May.

  • The project is slightly delayed due to impact from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The project is expected to be fully operational by the end of November 2020.

Jan Volmut

Project Manager