Røyrmyra Wind Farm

Number of wind turbines: 3

Installed capacity: 2,4 MW

Annual production: Approximately 8 GWh

Corresponding to the consumption of: Approximately 320 Norwegian households

In operation since: 2015

Royrmyra windfarm is one of Norsk Vind AS`s first wind farm projects to be realized. The project consists of three wind turbines of 0.8 MW each, resulting in a total installed capacity of 2.4 MW. The project is located on Haaland in Hå municipality, approximately 5 km from Varhaug city center.

The project license application was submitted to NVE in 2005, and was awarded a positive license decision in 2010. As one of the few wind farm projects in Norway, there were no complaints about the license approval.

The project was put into operation in the autumn of 2005 and produces approximately 8 GWh annually. This corresponds to the consumption of 320 households, or 684 apartments a year (based on average electricity consumption in Norway).

The project used to have Norwegian owners, including two land owners and Norsk Vind AS, until the project was resold to the Nordic renewable energy company “Cloudberry” in 2019. The Nordic bank “Nordea” in Stavanger oroginally financed the project together with the Norwegian owners.

The regional construction company “Stangeland Maskin” was the main contractor, constructing the necessary infrastructure. The local publicly owned grid company “Jaeren E-Verk” receives and redistributes the produced emission-free electricity to local households, farms, industry and other local end users.

Wind power has a history at Røyrmyra as far back as the 1800’s, wind power was employed in the agricultural sector at Jæren, and towards the end of the
century, there were 500 windmills in Rogaland. One of them was located at Røyrmyra.

Read more about the wind power history in Norway in this report from the "Jærmuseet" museum.



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