Sandnes Wind Farm

Estimated capacity: 200 GWh

Ownership: Norsk Vind Energi AS

Permit pending
Norsk Vindenergi has made some adjustments to the project since Sandnes Vindpark’s permit application was denied by NVE in 2014. Based on a new review of the adjusted solution, the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has decided that the project should be reconsidered by NVE.

The Sandnes wind farm is located between Noredalen and Søredalen, 12km east of Sandnes. The planned area is about 300-405m above sea level, and stretches for about 7 square kilometres.

The planned size of the wind power plant, approximately 67MW installed output, is sufficient for an annual electricity production of about 200GWh, corresponding to the annual consumption of approximately 10,000 households.

Favourable wind conditions
The area was chosen on the basis of favourable wind conditions with little turbulence, in proximity to existing roads and sufficient grid capacity, as well as positive landowners and host municipality.

Wind force has been measured since 2009, and the measurements show that the area is well suited for wind power production. The wind power plant is due to be tied to the existing grid passing through the planned area, and we are in dialog with Lyse El-nett regarding alternative connection solutions.


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