Skorveheia Wind Farm

Number of turbines: 7-8

Length of roads: 5,3 km

Planned opening: Q3/Q4 2021

Installed effect: 36 MW (Applied for 45 MW to NVE, under evaluation)

Average annual production:145 GWh (with 45 MW installed effect)

Equivalent to the consumption of: 9 000 households

Ownership: Norsk Vind AS

Construction- and project management: Norsk Vind AS

Operation manager: Norsk Vind AS

Detailed plan: The project’s detail plan can be found on NVEs homepage: Press here

3D visualization of the wind farm: Press here       (User manual)

Skorveheia wind farm is located in Flekkefjord municipality, about two kilometers east for Kvanvik. The wind farm will, with 45 MW installed effect, be able to deliver an average annual production of 145 GWh, which is equivalent to the consumption of 9000 households. This would be the same consumption of all households in Flekkefjord, Kvinesdal og Lund municipalities put together.

The grid connection for Skorveheia wind farm involves a 1,8 kilometers 66 kV long power line from the projects substation to a new switchgear that will be constructed at Midtfjellse.

Skorveheia Wind Farm layout consists of 7 or 8 turbines, with roads and substation shown in the figure below. The construction works is scheduled to start after the summer 2020.

Planned layout for Skorveheia Wind Farm


31. January 2020:

The turbine installation works are slowly but steadingly progressing and the half-way mark (35 installed turbines) was passed in the middle of January. 20 turbines at Eikeland-Steinsland are now completly installed, i.e. in total 38 completed turbines including Skinansfjellet wind farm.

The main cranes are expected to start installation at Gravdal wind farm in March and hopefully complete the last turbine in May.

John Amund Lund

Wind & Site Manager