Tellenes Wind Farm

Number of wind turbines:
Installed capacity: 160 MW
Annual production: Approximately 520GWh
Corresponding to the consumption of: Approximately 32 000 Norwegian households
In operation since: 2017

Power-oftaker: Google

The wind farm is
located on the moorland around the ilmenite mine at Tellenes, in the
municipalities of Sokndal and Lund. It has been estimated that the park will
provide an annual power output of approximately 520GWh, which corresponds to
the power consumption of approximately 32,000 single family homes. In June
2016, the project was acquired by BlackRock, an international asset manager.

Google, the
technology company, has entered an agreement for the purchase of the entire
power production of Tellenes Vindpark for a period of 12 years, in order to
supply its European data centers with renewable energy. Google’s activities are
100% carbon neutral, and this is the company's first wind power transaction in
Norway, and so far the company's biggest renewable energy transaction in

The agreement is made possible by Europe’s gradually more
integrated power market, and in particular, Scandinavia’s Nord Pool market,
which provides Google with the opportunity to purchase renewable energy whose origin
is guaranteed to be in Norway, and consume corresponding amounts of power in
other locations in Europe.


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